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Nigeria Legislative Body Requests Pause on Social Media KYC Requirement

The House of Representatives, one of the two Chambers that make up the Bicameral Legislature of Nigeria, has requested the central bank to halt the implementation of a new directive mandating financial institutions to collect additional customer information, including social

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Tanzanian Fintechs Struggle With Unclear Regulation, Limited Funding, Lack of Talent

Although the fintech ecosystem in Tanzania has developed rapidly over the past decade, it remains nevertheless small and nascent with just 33 pure fintech players identified. Out of these companies, only 36% have managed to secure seed funding or growth

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Mauritius Government Ramp up Effort to Building up Fintech Ecosystem

Striving to become a hotbed for fintech innovation, Mauritius’ Budget 2021-2022 has laid out a series a new measures to stimulate further growth in the sector. These measures include the setting up of an Open Lab by the Bank of

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