African Fintech Sector Attracts More Funding

The African fintech sector is gaining interest from global investors. Recently, Algerian super app Yassir announced that it had raised US$150 million in Series B funding – making it North Africa’s most significant funding to date.  Participating investors led by

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4 Emerging African Fintech Hubs to Watch Out For in 2022

Africa is home to a number of widely differentiated fintech centres. Some of these African fintech hubs, such as Nigeria or South Africa, have emerged as dominant destinations for fintech in the continent. Many others, however, remain small but interesting

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Mauritius Government Ramp up Effort to Building up Fintech Ecosystem

Striving to become a hotbed for fintech innovation, Mauritius’ Budget 2021-2022 has laid out a series a new measures to stimulate further growth in the sector. These measures include the setting up of an Open Lab by the Bank of

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