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    Nigeria Fintech Week 2021

    The EY-FintechNGR Census Report (2021) shows the promising growth of fintechs in payment, lending, investment as key enablers of financial inclusion numbers and active players in economic growth and job creation.

    All odds also seem against fintechs especially the startups as the whole world rattles and battles with the aftermath of Covid-19 but alas, fintech has become more attractive to investors now than ever having raised $439m in 2020 (Census Report – 2021) and $219m in Q1 2021 (Techpoint) with the emergence of more unicorn in Nigeria.

    Undoubtedly, the chronicle of fintech disruptions and attendant impacts has made it a force to reckon with but now faced with the hurdle of scaling its impacts and. The fifth edition of the Nigeria Fintech Week poises to spotlight the new technologies, effective collaboration, level of government, regulatory, infrastructural, investment supports needed for fintech scaling.

    The weeklong hybrid event scheduled to hold between 25th and 29th October with the theme - The Sustainability and Ecosystem Building hopes to host a million attendees at multiple locations across the globe

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