Author: Reuben Mwatosya, Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer at Tembo


Reuben Mwatosya

Reuben's executive experience includes executing country specific strategies, P&L management, costs management and managing sales pipeline for lending business, payments business, collections, card issuing, merchants acquiring & remittances. He's done well by pursuing & managing partnerships with large customers, banks, telcos, fintechs as well as working with payment regulators to secure approvals or/and licences across Africa.

Top 10 Fintech Friendly Banks in Tanzania

Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, partnerships between traditional banks and fintech companies are proving to be instrumental in driving innovation and expanding access to financial services. These collaborations enable banks to tap into the agility and innovation of fintech startups, while fintechs gain access to the established infrastructure and customer base of banks. Together, they are reshaping the way financial services are delivered, offering a wide array of solutions ranging from remittances to digital payments and beyond. In this context, evaluating the top banks for fintech partnerships becomes crucial, considering factors such as collaboration capabilities, technological readiness, and commercial…

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First Startup Map of Tanzania: The Ultimate List of Fintech and Startups in Tanzania

Today we are super excited and we are proudly introducing our first version of “Startups Map Of Tanzania 2024” This list is by far the most comprehensive list of startups in Tanzania available on the internet today, it stands out as an invaluable resource, meticulously curated and continually (monthly) updated by the team led by Reuben Mwatosya at Cofounders Notebook. Why do we do this, Why now? We wanted to see change, we wanted to see startups from a centralised database, we needed to create a place where you can discover new startups even if they are very early stage so that you…

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