Author: Séba Daher, Lead Solutions Consultant, Payments at Finastra


Séba Daher

Séba Daher, Lead Solutions Consultant, Payments at Finastra covering Middle East & Africa with more than 17 years in Financial Services and Technology industries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Séba has extensive experience in payments, technology, cybersecurity and large transformation programmes with global and regional banks and led strategic payment opportunities in the Middle East region.

Africa’s Demand for Payment Hubs Rises to Address the Continent’s Interoperability Gap

Africa is a world leader in mobile money, with Kenya and Ghana having the highest rates of mobile payment use in the world after China. The continent’s 55 countries are home to around 171 mobile money wallets, more than 1,000 banks and over 12 card networks – with little interoperability. However, the accelerated digitalisation that swept the globe has led to widespread adoption of digital financial services. Regulators and governments have responded, rolling out intensive payment modernisation initiatives that are driving a lot of compliance pressure on banks. Globally, customers – both individuals and businesses – now want their services…

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